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Benjamin Markovits’s Obama Novel

Obama himself even makes an appearance, delivering a speech with the line that gives the novel its title and giving the narrator a bloody nose with a misplaced elbow in a pickup basketball game.

By Christian Lorentzen

President Obama Took Over Last Night’s ‘Colbert Report’

President Barack Obama was the guest on last night's special Colbert Report episode taped from Washington DC, and not only did he sit down for his final interview with "Stephen Colbert," but he took over "The Word" segment to show Colbert just [...]

By Megh Wright

President Obama Is Monday Night’s ‘Colbert Report’ Guest

Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert revealed that Monday night's Colbert Report will be broadcast from Washington DC, and during last night's show he dropped an even bigger scoop -- one of the guests of the star-studded episode will be President [...]

By Megh Wright