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Barack Obama to Meet David Cook on ‘SNL’

If Obama can withstand the pitchiness without running from Rockefeller Center screaming and covering his ears, it is our firm belief that he will win the presidency.

By Lane Brown

Radiohead to Hand Election to McCain

Radiohead are Webcasting a concert tonight at the same time as Obama's speech, pretty much guaranteeing a Republican victory in November.

By Lane Brown

Which Candidate Will Win 50 Cent's Vote?

50 Cent has changed his vote from "Obama" to "undecided," throwing November's election — and very possibly the future of our nation — into uncertainty.

Does Court Ruling Mean the Death of Superman?

After all, the argument goes, now these schmoes who are leeching off their father's legacy can force DC to stop printing Superman comics or demand that Warner Bros. stop making Superman movies!