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Alex Winter Says ‘Bill & Ted 3’ Is Still in Development

It looks like Bill & Ted 3 is still a go. Alex Winter was asked about the long in-the-works sequel in a recent interview with Yahoo, where he gave some more details about the plot and revealed that he's been working on the idea with Keanu [...]

By Megh Wright

Oh, So Here’s That Bill & Ted 3 Script You Wanted, Man

Right, so, Keanu Reeves told us all about the time travel plot points of the third Bill & Ted movie back in April, right? And that there'd be a draft of the script in six weeks, yeah? And now it's like...40-something weeks later, man, but [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Yes, They Are Making a Bill and Ted 3

So, this is happening: a third Bill and Ted movie is in the works. The good news: they are not recasting Rufus in light of George Carlin's death, and they are not doing that kids-of-the-old-heroes thing. Here's Alex Winter on that: "The essence [...]

By Adam Frucci