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A Sonnet About Dan Harmon’s Latest Blog Post

I have long thought that the ultimate level of success would be to have people write sonnets about your stream-of-consciousness 2:30AM blog posts. So without further ado:

By Hallie Cantor

Visit Moustair

A blog "where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair." Got that?

By Eliot Glazer

Mean Blog Post Becomes ABC’s Newest Comedy About Modern Love

ABC and Tracy McMillan have embarked upon the last leg of that classic journey from super-harsh blog post to book to television show. Why You're Not Married will be "an ensemble comedy that explores the current state of modern American love." [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Mindy Kaling’s Book’s Back Cover Speaks the Truth

Mindy Kaling introduced the world today to the back of her book, which features a photo of her as an androgynous but happy child puppeteer. There really isn't anything non-adorable about this picture: the haircut, the glasses, the - is that a [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Mindy Kaling’s Blog Is Back and It’s 2006 Again

At long last, Mindy Kaling has re-launched her shopping blog. Man, this news plus the imminent return of Arrested Development? It's like all the best parts of 2006 have airlifted themselves five years into the future. Maybe next there will be a [...]

By Hallie Cantor

ABC Turning Awkward Family Photos Into a TV Show

Move over, blog-to-book deals. The new hot way to get rich from a jokey blog or Twitter account you made on your lunch break isn't books, it's TV: ABC is developing a show based on the blog (that was already turned into a book) Awkward Family [...]

By Adam Frucci

SNL For Serious: Every SNL Episode Recapped, In Order

SNL For Serious is a new Tumblr that aims to cover every single Saturday Night Live episode, in order. They're basically taking a number of screenshots from each episode and posting them with short descriptions. I wish they were clearer about [...]

By Adam Frucci

Hero Blog Commenter Fixes Oscars

"Structure the broadcast around the top 10 like 'American Idol,' and gradually count down the vote tabs from #10 to #1 throughout the program to create suspense."

By Lane Brown