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Late Twenties Game Night! by Django Gold

Hey there, late twenty-somethings! Looking for a way to spend your wide-open weekend nights? Nothing else to do besides hit up that tired old bar scene that apparently none of your responsible, newly career-driven friends are into anymore? Then [...]

By Brian Boone

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Jesse Fuchs and Monopoly

This week on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Jeff talks to Jesse Fuchs about Monopoly. Jesse is a proffessor at the NYU Game Center and held a speech entitled "Does Monopoly suck?" and Jeff talks to him about games in general, the invention of [...]

By Jeff Rubin

The Complete Guide to Everything: Board Games

This week, Tim and Tom tackle the riveting topic of board games, which contrary to popular belief are not games you play when you're bored, but rather games that you play with a board. We discuss Tom's secret to Trivial Pursuit success, the [...]

By Splitsider Editors

Watch a Funny Trailer for Rob Delaney’s New Board Game

Here's a trailer Twitter phenom Rob Delaney made with Erin Gibson for War of Words, a new board game based on his Twitter feed. It's guaranteed to be the funniest trailer for a board game based on a Twitter feed you'll see all day.

By Bradford Evans