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Here’s Bonnaroo’s 2014 Comedy Lineup

The Bonnaroo Music Festival announced its 2014 comedy lineup today. Craig Robinson & The Nasty Delicious, Taran Killam, Hannibal Buress, Neal Brennan, TJ Miller, Rory Scovel, Bridget Everett & The Tender Moments, Sasheer Zamata, Seth [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch David Cross Announce Bonnaroo’s Comedy Lineup

Tennessee-based music festival Bonnaroo announced its comedy lineup today, by having David Cross do it really really far away from the camera they were filming him with. It's how all important announcements should be made from now on.

By Bradford Evans

JB Smoove: ‘Wash Your Ass’ x 8,000

National treasure JB Smoove went to Bonnaroo. Knowing how instantly hilarious that is, the festival folk thought it was a good idea to just film him doing Smoove stuff. They were right. What they didn't know was that Smoove would also up the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Is Pete Holmes Dave Koechner’s New Best Friend? Are You?

Dave Koechner looked for a new best friend at Bonnaroo, the home of new best friends. As the clip below suggests, he only really tried out comedians and famous people, much to the chagrin of that guy who has went alone to see Widespread Panic [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 2

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Chris Gethard isn't dead. He made it to Bonnaroo to do his Chris Gethard thing. However, it's important you see for yourself. When we last saw Gethard, he was in Denver watching a tee ball game. The next video [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 1

Our woman at the festival informs us that Chris Gethard killed it last night at Bonnaroo, which means he got there alive! As the video above proclaimed, Chris Gethard set out to get from Los Angeles to Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee without [...]

By Jesse David Fox