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Standup’s Netflix Infection

The observation “Wow, everyone has a Netflix special these days!” has already become hack. Netflix has been inching its way toward becoming a full-blown standup monopoly, putting out 25 specials last year and promising to release a new one [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Is the New Comedy Central Logo Bad, or Do You Just Hate Change?

A professional in the worlds of branding and corporate identity takes a look at the new Comedy Central logo: "The two basic complaints are that a) it’s boring and b) it looks like the copyright symbol. Both complaints are typical knee-jerk [...]

By Adam Frucci

The Comedy Consultant: 8 Ideas For Your Unique Comedy Brand

Like everything else in our hyper-connected multi-platform macro-digital age, comedy has become increasingly fragmented. Whereas once comedians could be easily placed into three very broad categories -- “Men”, “Women”, or “Black People” -- and [...]

By Alex Blagg