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The Rebirth of Dane Cook

It's tough to introduce a standup like Dane Cook. He's explosively popular, famously polarizing, and his many comedy accomplishments -- including a double platinum album and sold out Madison Square Garden show -- only fuel the flames of disdain [...]

By Megh Wright

Six Comics Aziz Ansari Is Joining as Madison Square Garden-Worthy

Yesterday, The Wrap confirmed earlier reports that standup Aziz Ansari is set to headline at New York's Madison Square Garden as part of his new tour Modern Romance, which also includes stops in Dallas, Houston, D.C., Philadelphia, and Las [...]

By Megh Wright

Dane Cook and the Art of the Hustle

I have a secret. A dark, terrible secret that I have trouble even admitting to myself: I don’t hate Dane Cook. I know I should. Practically ever since Dane Cook arrived on the national stage over a decade ago, his critics have been extremely [...]

By Justin Gray

NBC Cancels Dane Cook Show Before It’s Too Late

In what’s been a season full of unorthodox decisions by NBC, the Peacock Network’s latest maverick move is canceling one of its new comedies before it even airs. In May, NBC ordered six episodes of a Dane Cook sitcom called Next Caller, in [...]

By Bradford Evans

Dane Cook to Sing and Dance and Goose-step

Dane Cook will be play Franz Liebkind in the Hollywood Bowl staging of the Mel Brooks' musical The Producers on July 27-29. He'll be jazz handing it up with the likes of Richard Kind, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Rebecca Romijn. Dane, who [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Louis Discusses His Emmy Submissions and Dane Cook

Deadline interviewed Louis C.K. as part of their coverage leading up to the Emmy nominations' announcement. They had him talk about the episodes he is submitting for consideration, including: "Pregnant", "Subway/Pamela", "Oh Louie/Tickets", and [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Two High-Ranking ‘Community’ Producers Leave for Fox

Vulture is reporting Community Executive Producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan have signed a big deal to create television for 20th Century Fox. Goldman and Donovan have been Dan Harmon's number twos since the premiere (and the namesakes [...]

By Jesse David Fox