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Dexter: So, That Happened …

Is it considered a spoiler if you reveal a plot detail that everyone saw coming for weeks and weeks?

By Adam Sternbergh

Dexter: The Skinner Revealed!

This season has been all about Dexter's crash course in parenting. First, he learned he's going to be a dad. This week, Miguel emerged as his full-blown sulky wayward teenage son.

By Adam Sternbergh

Dexter Suddenly Gets Stupid

This week we see a side of Dexter we haven't seen before: teacher. Also: moron.

By Adam Sternbergh

Dexter Season Premiere: Fresh Blood

There's a big, shocking, bum-bum-bum reveal at the episode's end, which constitutes a spoiler, so be warned!

By Adam Sternbergh