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Is the Future of Comedy the Comedy/Drama Hybrid?

In a recent Salon interview, Bob Odenkirk warns aspiring writers to “get out of comedy, because it’s about to collapse.” Sketch comedy, he says, is having its time in the sun now -- what with YouTube, Comedy Central’s burgeoning lineup and the [...]

By Chris Kopcow

Sketch Group WOMEN Takes on the Hour-Long TV Drama

Here's the latest video from LA-based sketch group WOMEN (Pat Bishop, Dave Ross, Allen Strickland Williams, Jake Weisman), in which they play out the plot of most TV dramas in just two minutes. If you've never seen Scandal, this is a much [...]

By Bradford Evans

Can Comedies with Long-Term Arcs and Jokes Survive on Network TV?

While perusing the various reactions to the indefinite hiatus of Community, I found a piece by Richard Lawson, who gave three explanations as to what Community did wrong that resulted in getting pulled. I took issue with Lawson’s first reason:

By Samer Kalaf