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The ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV Show Is Dead But a Movie Is in the Works

In May, CBS passed on making a TV version of Beverly Hills Cop after commissioning a pilot and producers opted to shop it around to other networks. Shawn Ryan (The Shield), who created the Beverly Hills Cop pilot, recently announced via Twitter [...]

By Bradford Evans

The Richard Pryor Biopic’s 17 Years in Development Hell

Regarded by his peers as the greatest stand-up comedian of all-time, Richard Pryor also lived a fascinating life to match his larger-than-life reputation as a comic. Pryor’s tumultuous personal experiences are what fed his comedy, and it’s no [...]

By Bradford Evans

Spike TV Is Giving Eddie Murphy a Star-Studded Tribute

Macho cable network Spike TV just announced it’s throwing a flashy tribute to comedy mainstay Eddie Murphy next month. A lot of big-name Hollywood types are set to toast Murphy and his three-decades-long career during the special, entitled [...]

By Bradford Evans

CBS Buys ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ the TV Show

The TV version of Beverly Hills Cop we told you about last week has gotten a pilot production commitment from CBS. Lots of Internet people are talking about Jay Pharoah for the role of Axel Foley's son, which makes sense because usually [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Lost Roles of Chris Rock

Lost Roles is a weekly column exploring “what might have been” in movie and TV comedy as we take a different actor, writer, or comedian each week and examine the parts they turned down, wanted but didn’t get, and the projects that fell apart [...]

By Bradford Evans

‘Beverly Hills Cop’ to Become Beverly Hills TV Cops

Sing it with me: "Do Do dododo dodo..." Eddie Murphy is working with the creator of The Shield to adapt Beverly Hill Cop for television. The BHC movies were insanely popular and quite fun, so this solid, if not great news. Adding to the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Get Ready for that ‘Twins’ Sequel You Never Knew You Wanted

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed at Comic-Con that a sequel to Twins is in the works. The original was a mega-smash, back in the day when movie stars like Arnold basically printed money. Ivan Reitman, who produced and directed the original, is [...]

By Jesse David Fox