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Why Derrick Comedy’s Mystery Team Deserves Cult Classic Status

In case the picture to the left hasn’t made it abundantly clear yet, you are skimming reading an entreaty on behalf of the underrated Derrick Comedy movie, Mystery Team, which bears no resemblance or relation to Ben Stiller’s misfit superheroes [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

For Your Reconsideration: Hamlet 2

It was supposed to be an underdog success stories everyone could get behind. Advance hype had Hamlet 2 pegged to be the 2008 model of Little Miss Sunshine and, more importantly, it had Steve Coogan positioned to finally break through as a [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

For Your Reconsideration: Blades of Glory

The Will Ferrell Sports Movie craze spanned just four features, although it seems like there were so many more of them. Between 2005 and 2008, each year saw a new release right on schedule, like high school sports seasons. First came soccer [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

For Your Reconsideration: ‘MacGruber’

The Saturday Night Live adaptation is one of the most maligned of all movie genres, and not without justification. Excepting Wayne’s World, it’s been a mostly fruitless enterprise. The 1990s churned out would-be film franchises like an assembly [...]

By Joe Berkowitz