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Gallagher Said Racist Stuff on a Podcast Again

Fruit-smashin' comedian Gallagher is up to his racist antics again. Gallagher made his second podcast guest appearance that got heated after he said a lot of terrible racist stuff, following a spectacular episode of WTF with Marc Maron in 2011 [...]

By Bradford Evans

Gallagher Is in a Geico Ad, Gallaghering it up

Oh hey, that's Splitsider's own Will Hines. As we reported earlier, ol' Gallagher wasn't doing so hot but a national ad campaign probably helps. Also, he was on Letterman last night for like 15 minutes, which is a lot of Gallagher minutes. Here [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Gallagher Is Not Doing So Great

A few months back, Gallagher retired after a couple heart attacks and a particularly hard year. Last week, he appeared on a local Ohio radio show and revealed things are even worse off for him than it seemed. Gallagher is essentially homeless, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Gallagher’s Watermelon-Smashing Days Are Behind Him

Even before suffering another heart attack yesterday (his second in 11 days and third in a year), Gallagher said last week that he's retiring from live performance after 32 years. Sounds like the right move for his health. And a 32-year career [...]

By Hallie Cantor

8 Memorable Political Campaigns by Comedians

A comedian running for political office – a scenario once more suited for a mediocre Robin Williams vehicle than real life – has become a growing trend in recent years. Roseanne Barr, who announced she was running for president on The Tonight [...]

By Bradford Evans

Gallagher Is Contractually Obligated to Smash Fruit at County Fairs

Here's a sad little tidbit in an equally sad article about a county fair trying to withhold payment from Gallagher for his show not being "PG" enough for the audience: "Scherrer said that the comedian did everything that he was contractually [...]

By Adam Frucci

Gallagher Collapses Mid-Sledge-O-Matic

As if being constantly showered with watermelon parts wasn't bad enough, TMZ is reporting that Gallagher collapsed during his set last night in Rochester, Minnesota. Supposedly the comedian fell during his signature sledgehammer bit, and "his [...]

By Halle Kiefer