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Correcting Old Jokes for Accuracy

“A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, ‘Hey, why the long face?’ So the horse says, ‘Because I am an alcoholic, and my body has been ravaged by the long-term effects of drinking. Please, help me.’”

By Jesse David Fox

Are You a Secret Hero?, by Michael Kupperman

Are you the heroic type? You might just need the right opportunity to prove yourself. Or maybe you'd make the perfect victim. Take this quiz to find out!

By Becca O'Neal and Editor

Megan Amram’s Stain Removal Advice Is Not at All Practical

You probably won't get any useful advice out of Megan Amram's stain removal article in this month's Vice, but that's OK. There's more to life than stain removal, such as complete insanity: "Either way, fashion is a big part of this season. It’s [...]

By Adam Frucci