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Here Are a Bunch of Fake ‘SNL’ Movie Posters

If you're a fan of fantasizing about SNL movies that never happened, New York cartoonist Dan Meth has drawn up 26 fake SNL movie posters for Buzzfeed, and they're pretty great. Click through to see the posters for three SNL films that actually [...]

By Megh Wright

Stefon’s Illustrated Guide to New York’s Hottest Nightclubs

For the last four years, Stefon Zolesky, created by Bill Hader and John Mulaney, has been every SNL fan's favorite drugged-up club-hopper. Without his New York City party suggestions, we would never know about the glory of Furkles, Jewpids, [...]

By Megh Wright and Josh Kurp

Meet The League Of Extraordinary 30 Rock Characters

This 30 Rock/League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen mash-up by comic book artist Alex Ross is pretty spot-on, from Liz's optimistic Mina Harker to Jack's broodingly masculine Mr. Hyde to the fact that you can still see somehow see Kenneth's hair [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Quest For A Meme: Trump Trollface

The internet is fueled by topicality. Humor seems to drive the most popular memes and viral content. As a reader, hitting your favorite aggregators everyday, you are bound to see the next Sad Keanu or Scumbag Steve. Those oddball pics are [...]

By Steve Dressler

Dyna Moe’s Hipster Animals: Collect Them All, or Whatever

Illustrator Dyna Moe, who you may be familiar with via the series Illustrated Comediennes of the Stand-Up Boom she did for this here website, has a new project: Hipster Animals. It is pretty self-explanatory and also delightful.

By Adam Frucci

Charlie Sheen’s Winning Made Easy

I spend the majority of my professional life doing graphic design and illustration. I also immersed myself into the NY comedy scene about 10 years ago, doing improv and sketch. A lot my work seems to combine comedy and my visual pursuits. Every [...]

By Steve Dressler