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‘In Rainbows’ Tops Charts; Radiohead Now Slightly Richer

Radiohead may have given away free MP3s of their new album on their Website in October, but the allure of plastic jewel cases and liner notes was too much for fans who, since its release on CD last Tuesday, purchased 116,000 copies of In Rainbows, making it the No. 1 album in America this week.

Exclusive: There Hasn't Been Any Real Radiohead News in Two Days

With the band and their management reluctant to disclose sales figures (likely pending the signing of a deal to get Rainbows into retail stores next year), there's not really much to report, but that certainly hasn't stopped pretty much every newspaper and blog on the planet from trying.

What Happens If Radiohead's Album Is Terrible?

In just these past ten days, In Rainbows has received more hype than Cloverfield, Halo 3, and the second coming of Christ combined (approximately) … but what if it's a stinker?