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India Briefly Banned Comedy Central for Being Derogatory to Women

India's Information and Broadcasting Ministry shut down Comedy Central India for a few days over the weekend but lifted the ban after a few days. India's version of Comedy Central was founded in 2012 and broadcasts American Comedy Central shows [...]

By Bradford Evans

JayHind! A Barrel of Lakhs for India

In India, the expression “Jai Hind” usually functions as a patriotic salutation to the homeland. Like L’Chaim, but instead of “to life,” it’s “to India!” When the host of the world’s oldest full-format TV show on the Internet utters the phrase, [...]

By Laura Turner Garrison

Harry Potter: Bad for Owls

India's environmental minister blames a spate of wild-owl disappearances on 'Harry' fans.

By Willa Paskin

Indian Office of American Company Loves Outsourced

The New York Times screened an episode of Outsourced for a group of employees at a company in India that, like the one in the show, does work for an American company based in Kansas City. Is it in fact as racist and offensive as people say? [...]

By Adam Frucci