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This Week in Web Videos: ‘F the Internet’

How refreshing it was to stumble across the YouTube page of a one Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough. Led there by her F the Internet, and made to laugh by that perfect ode to anti-comedy, I couldn't help but probe further. Why am I writing like [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

Patton Oswalt Will Host the Webby Awards

The Webbys, the biggest awards show dedicated to honoring stuff on the internet, announced today that Patton Oswalt will host the 2013 ceremony. Oswalt hosted last year's awards too. The ceremony will be held on May 21st and broadcast on demand [...]

By Bradford Evans

A Funny Thing: Sean Canady Owes Elijah Wood an Apology - Here it Is

Our story this week: Sean Canady was a lovesick nerd in the heady, wild west days of the early internet. Looking for love in all the wrong chat rooms, he found respite in one distant and thus un-fuck-up-able relationship. But when the girl on [...]

By Splitsider Editors