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Leaked ‘Variety’ Cover Reveals the 10 Comics to Watch for 2012

Sarah Colonna tweeted this picture that reveals this year's Variety "10 Comics to Watch", probably because she was super excited to be featured. Also probably excited are: Jillian Bell, Kurt Braunohler, Rob Delaney, Lil Rel Howery, Jake & [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Things Everyone Is Tired of Watching on TV

Here's a fun list of TV tropes and jokes that are overused to the point of exhaustion. Seriously, TV way overuses these cheeseballs, it's really annoying, and...TV's standing right behind me, isn't it?

By Hallie Cantor

Quite Possibly the Definitive List of Great Larry Sanders Show Moments

The next best thing to leaving work early, scurrying home, getting under all your blankets and your roommates' blankets, and watching every episode of The Larry Sanders Show? Probably just sneakily watching it at work. But the next best thing [...]

By Hallie Cantor

TV Comedy’s Ten Most Tragic Characters

There is a very fine line between comedy and tragedy. Like sleep and death, laughter and crying are cousins. However, deep sadness isn’t always easy to show in television comedy; there’s only so much a non-sociopathic audience can see one [...]

By Liam Mathews and Kristina Monllos