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Tom Wolfe Has Died at 87

The pioneering author and New Journalist died Monday in a Manhattan hospital.

By Anna Silman

Nick Offerman and Bo Burnham Both Have New Books Out Today

It's a big day for comedy books, as there are new ones out from Parks and Recreation's mustachioed civil servant Nick Offerman and from comedian Bo Burnham, star and co-creator of MTV's unjustly-canceled Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. It's the [...]

By Bradford Evans

2013 Thurber Prize Finalists Announced

Named after humorist James Thurber (pictured), the Thurber Prize for American Humor is the highest honor awarded for print humor writing, and the 2013 finalists were just announced. The 2013 finalists are Shalom Auslander for his novel Hope: A [...]

By Bradford Evans

Gary Oldman Brings the Appropriate Gravitas to R. Kelly’s Memoir

And so it was written: "We'll just let it do what it do." It's a shame Gary Oldman (aka the anti-Henny Youngman) chose to read this excerpt from Soula Coaster in his fancy British voice instead of his often-used villainous British voice. Or [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Why Do We Suck The Humor Out Of Education?

Abraham Lincoln was funny. Dante’s Inferno was funny. Chaucer was funnier than that one story involving a poker in the dude’s butt which your teacher had no choice but to admit approached funny because, I mean, poker in the butt.

By Mike Drucker