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Lost Triumphs Over President

A White House spokesman says he does not "foresee a scenario” in which Obama's 2010 State of the Union address would conflict with the 'Lost' premiere.

By Lane Brown

ABC Burns Eastwick

ABC has decided not to order additional episodes of Updike-besmirching witch-drama 'Eastwick.'

By Lane Brown

Lost Versus the Olympics

Next year's Winter Olympics will force 'Lost' to go on a two-week hiatus.

By Lane Brown

New Lost Guy!

Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada joins the cast in a "significant recurring" role next season.

By Lane Brown

Lost to Bring Back Pilot?

Greg Grunberg, the guy who played Captain Seth Norris, says he's been invited back.

By Lane Brown

Title of Lost Premiere Revealed by Paul Scheer

According to Paul Scheer, who is apparently paid to be a viral marketer for 'Lost,' the title of the two-part episode that opens next year's sixth season is "LA X."

By Lane Brown