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Lost: Miles to Go Before We Sleep

This Miles-centric episode focused mainly on daddy issues, 'Star Wars' analogies, and fart jokes. Yes, fart jokes.

By Mark Graham

Lost Finale Spoiled!

Every year, the writers of 'Lost' give the final reveal of the season finale some completely esoteric name. And this year they did not disappoint.

By Lane Brown

Lost to Continue Being Awesome

At this point, we're used to 'Lost' being crazy and weird, but our eyes bugged out when we read the official plot synopsis for the episode airing in two weeks.

By Matthew Perpetua

Lost: Why So Hostile?

Show, you are so strange and inconsistent, why do we love you? Clearly you are our wonderful, awful Kate.

By Emily Nussbaum

Who Is Lost Laying Off?

Some "much-loved" character will apparently be killed off before season's end — but who?

By Lane Brown