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Who Is Lost Laying Off?

Some "much-loved" character will apparently be killed off before season's end — but who?

By Lane Brown

Lost: Sawyered!

This was basically our dream episode, full of spooning, miracle births, Alpert eyeliner jokes, and four-toed statues!

By Emily Nussbaum

Lost: Picking Locke

John Locke, best (and most original) character on the show, light of our life, fire of our loins, anti-hero of our favorite episodes!

By Emily Nussbaum

Lost Babies: A Comprehensive Guide to the Cuties

You may think that 'Lost' is about time travel, faith versus reason, life choices, or a battle to determine the fate of the world, but really, it's all about the babies.

By Michael Alan Connelly

Lost Lives

Following a four-week ratings drop, last night's 'Lost' posted better numbers than any episode since last April.

By Lane Brown

Lost: Jack Don’t Know Jack

We return to the Island with strategic narrative slices removed just to mess with our heads.

By Emily Nussbaum