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How Facebook Is Killing Comedy

A conversation with Funny or Die’s Matt Klinman on how Facebook has completely destroyed independent digital comedy.

By Sarah Aswell

Andy-Mark Sam-Zucker-berg Unveils Some New Facebook Features

Andy Samberg dons the Mark Zuckerberg North Face to introduce a couple new features at the Facebook F8 conference, like the "I'm Not Really Friends With These People" grouping. It's perfect for people like your best friend from kindergarten who [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Mark Zuckerberg May Show Up on SNL This Weekend

With Jesse Eisenberg hosting SNL tomorrow night, rumor has it that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and, as I understand it, soulless teenage billionaire, will show up for a cameo. You know, "to show he has a sense of humor." Oh, Zuck. We know [...]

By Adam Frucci