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‘Go On’: Can America Embrace a Sitcom This Sad?

I cried twice while watching the Go On pilot. This doesn't mean two tears; I'm talking about two distinct cries. Sure, yes, I'm prone to crying at things (I'm still not sure what the cast of Friday Night Lights looks like, as they were always [...]

By Jesse David Fox

John Cho Cho-sen As a Regular on ‘Go On’

Some actors make their bones in their eyes. Some actors are masters of voice control. Some can just use body language to convey a lifetime of experiences. (If you've watched Whitney, Whitney exclusively acts by waving her arms around.) John [...]

By Jesse David Fox

NBC Offers Up Their New Schedule and Clips from Their New Comedies

Yesterday was officially Mother's Day but, when NBC announced its projected fall lineup, it felt more like Christmas. How about another analogy? Sure. Upfronts are like the NFL Draft, they mark the end of one season and the start of the next, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Matthew Perry Is Coming Back to NBC in Go On

Matthew Perry is set to come home to the network that birthed him, NBC, in what I assume is a spinoff of the late 90s hit Joey. The new show, entitled Go On, was just picked up for a 13-episode season by the network and will feature Perry as [...]

By Adam Frucci