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Watch a New Web Series Written, Directed, and Starring Max Greenfield

Come on! Like any lady would get away from Schmidt – no chance. The best part about this, other than every part, is that the series was made for Axe. Yes, that Axe, the body spray people. Schmidt would most definitely be really pumped (or [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Schmidt on ‘Girls’?????????!

Lena Dunham in a recent interview was asked, "Which character [on TV] do you wish you had created?" To which she responded: "Probably Schmidt from New Girl. He just tugs at every string I have." Oddly enough, Max Greenfield was asked a few [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Max Greenfield Schmidts Up ‘Goop’

New Girl's Max Greenfield guest edited Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop this week. Weird, right? The result is so delightfully self-serious with quotes like: "I take a deep breath in and I realize that in this moment I am fine and everything is okay. [...]

By Jesse David Fox