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Family Guy Has Self-Aware Fun Going ‘Back to the Pilot’

Last night's Family Guy episode, "Back to the Pilot," took us (duh) back to the show's pilot episode, allowing for what was basically audio commentary on the pilot by the characters themselves. Go back in time right now and watch it. You can [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Turtles All the Way Down: When Sitcoms Pay Tribute to Other Sitcoms

Last week’s Community shed light on the way that pop culture is entrenched in the collective conscious, in the form of a conversation about, of all things, Cougar Town. In the episode, Abed discusses his dilemma about making a cameo appearance [...]

By Kristina Jean Monllos and Josh Kurp

Hey, Tumblr Users! Splitsider Has a Tumblr

A little PSA for you people who spend all day refreshing your Tumblr dashboard instead of working: Splitsider has a Tumblr! On it you'll find links to major stories and features from Splitsider as well as some goofy, Tumblr-exclusive stuff. [...]

By Adam Frucci

Science Says You Should Get Paid for Dicking Around on Splitsider

Guys! Great news! Science wants you to keep reading this site instead of doing work as it will make you better at doing work:Research found that a brief break to watch a genuinely funny internet clip creates a positive mood which in turn leads [...]

By Adam Frucci

Meeting Your Own Impersonator: 10 Great SNL Meta-Moments

Some of the greatest moments in Saturday Night Live's history are celebrities coming on the show to confront their SNL doppelgangers. Whether they’re flattered, confused, or even pissed off by a cast member’s impression, nothing is quite as [...]

By Megh Wright