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Mike Huckabee Went on a Twitter Comedy Press Tour This Week

Mike Huckabee has recently taken it upon himself to begin a second career as a Twitter comedian, and his terrible jokes have already been the target of late night ridicule like Patton Oswalt's hilarious March appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. [...]

By Megh Wright

Colbert Makes Some Huckabee-Friendly Christmas Carols

The Colbert Report covered Mike Huckabee's awful and overtly political "12 Days of Obamacare" Christmas carol last night, so Colbert took it upon himself to invent a few anti-Obamacare song parodies of his own. I'm partial to "Hark the Herald [...]

By Megh Wright

Stephen Colbert Takes On Mike Huckabee Taking On Natalie Portman

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen put "friend of the show" Mike Huckabee on notice for essentially spewing a wide array of hate-filled rhetoric. Well, actually, it was more that he didn't spew any such rhetoric on his show when he was a [...]

By Adam Frucci