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‘Community’ Was Renewed and Other Less Exciting News

Hip! Hip!.. Hopefully, you added, "Hooray" because it's time to celebrate. Community will be renewed for a fourth season. The order will be for 13 episodes; however, there will be an option for NBC to pick-up the back nine, depending on how the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Heartening State of Homosexual TV Characters

“I think I would be lying if I said that I didn’t expect, at some point, for some narrow-minded group of people to try to create some publicity” around Glee or Modern Family, said Dana Walden, the chairwoman of 20th Century Fox Television, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Paul F. Tompkins Has a Fancy Drink with Ty Burrell

Paul F. Tompkins has a new Internet webseries, in which he talks to famous fellows about drinking and being famous fellow. It’s a perfect show for PFT since he is funny and charming and dresses like the manager of one of those modern speakeasy [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Modern Family Recap: Send Out the Clowns

Say it with me: CLOWN FUNERAL. CLOWN FUNERAL. CLOWN FUNERAL. Screw the rest of the family, I would have watched Mitch and Cam pay their respects to Professor Ringmaster for the entirety of the episode. Wait, why are they leavi- FORGET WHAT I [...]

By Hallie Cantor

The Modern Family Cast Is Just Like Their Characters

Cam wants to go home to Missouri, Phil worries about being a good dad, Claire falls down, Gloria talks about growing up in Columbia, and Mitch is sarcastic. Sounds like a regular episode of Modern Family, right? Nope! Gotcha! Boom! Ha! (Okay, [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Sofia Vergara Will Host SNL in April

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara will host SNL on April 7 with musical guest One Direction. I smell a sequel to a certain Helen Mirren sketch from last season.

By Hallie Cantor

Modern Family Rules, American Idol Drools

Deal with this, American Idol: when you take into account "time-shifters" (sadly not a time travel term, just a jargony word for people who watch shows after they're broadcast), Modern Family is the highest-rated show on TV among 18-49 year [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Modern Family Recap: ‘Leap Day’

Last night was Leap Day on Modern Family! And also everywhere, except I guess in New Zealand or other places where it's already tomorrow.

By Hallie Cantor