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‘Conan’ Launches a Massive Monologue Joke Database

Conan's website, Team Coco, has launched a massive new monologue joke database, from which users can access thousands of old topical jokes from the show. The database features overarching categories, a search option, or you can just click [...]

By Bradford Evans

Jay Leno’s Casey Anthony Joke Met With Eerie Silence

Well, it's like the old comedy saying I just made up goes: no one said it was easy to get multiple laughs off a child murder trial. That being said, seeing as how late-night shows typically implement a hype man, crowd instructions and you know, [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Best Comedic Monologue You’ll See Today

This comedic monologue by Joe Wengert, performed last night at Dave Holmes and Rob Delaney's Mapping the Heavens show at UCB in LA, is one of my very favorite things. This video is from a performance of the same monologue from last year, but I [...]

By Adam Frucci