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‘Balls of Fury’'s Dan Fogler Talks Theater, Balls

Local Putnam County Spelling Bee Tony winner Dan Fogler is warming up to the spotlight as of late, with a buzzy new play debuting at Fringe Festival and big upcoming roles in the ping-pong flick Balls of Fury and the Dane Cook–Jessica Alba comedy Good Luck Chuck. Fogler spoke to Vulture about playing the outcast, hanging with Christopher Walken, and his recurring case of Toilet Arm.

Script From New Paul Haggis Project Leaked

Judging from the snatches of dialogue (paired with appropriate bit of imagery) that you’ll find after the jump, we suspect In Valley of Elah will polarize movie fans.

Cheech and Chong, Please Forgive Us

After we posted our list of the Fifteen Most Dynamic Duos in Pop-Culture History, we were inundated with e-mails from whining complainers upset that their favorite pairs of buddies weren't included.

Hey Hollywood, Buy This Novel!

Hey Hollywood directors: If you option this book, Vulture pledges not to make fun of you for a period of six (6) months.

‘Lars and the Real Girl’: Ryan Gosling Loses His Mind

Given that it's written by Six Feet Under's Nancy Oliver and stars our all-time favorite portrayer of a history-teaching crackhead, we're willing to give Lars and the Real Girl the benefit of the doubt — but it's a pretty big doubt.