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Paul Feig Explains Comedy’s ‘Angry Villagers Syndrome’

"It’s what the editor from Bridesmaids called the 'angry villagers' syndrome. People who go to see a comedy are spending their money and want to have fun, so here comes the first joke, and it’s like, 'Eh, that wasn’t very funny. I guess that [...]

By Bradford Evans

NBC Is Turning ‘The Money Pit’ Into a TV Show

NBC is developing the 1986 Tom Hanks/Shelley Long big screen comedy The Money Pit into a sitcom, Deadline reports. The original starred Hanks and Long as a married couple who buy a mansion, only to find it needs a ton of expensive repairs. The [...]

By Bradford Evans

An Astronaut Fact-checks Gravity

Jet packs, space nausea (what happens if you vomit in your suit?), and the unlikelihood of being able to dodge space debris.

By Gwynne Watkins