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Here’s the First Trailer for Death Valley, MTV’s Horror-Comedy

Here's the first trailer for Death Valley, the upcoming MTV comedy about a squad of cops fighting vampires, zombies, and other such monsters. It looks pretty fun, full of lots of gross-out moments and ridiculous premises. It debuts on August [...]

By Adam Frucci

If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough: An Ode to Jackass

Jackass first aired over ten years ago in October of 2000, before 9/11, before the iPhone and before Facebook. There's something about those early episodes that harken back to a simpler time. Perhaps it's the sheer and raw excitement of seeing [...]

By Ned Hepburn

Jason Sudeikis Annoys Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart

Here are a couple of new promos for the MTV Movie Awards, which Jason Sudeikis is hosting a week from Sunday. In them, he shows up to introduce himself to/harass the folks that will be up for the very prestigious awards that they hand out for [...]

By Adam Frucci

MTV Greenlights Bo Burnham’s Pilot About a Fame-Seeking Teen

MTV just greenlit a pilot by Bo Burnham entitled Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. It'll be "a mocumentary, which centers on Zach (Burnham), a kid fresh out of high school who hires a camera crew to film him because he wants to be famous."

By Adam Frucci

The Lonely Island Host MTV’s Spring Break 1988

Here's a gem from the Lonely Island "vaults," in which our heroes host MTV's Spring Break broadcast from Daytona beach in 1988. Sure, Andy Samberg was 10 in 1988, but I'm going to go ahead and believe that this is a found VHS that someone taped [...]

By Adam Frucci

Looking Back at The State

The State was on MTV from 1993 to 1995, when the network was at the height of its power. Although there were a number of great sketch shows on during this period, none of them had the backing of MTV, which at the time pretty much defined what [...]

By Carleton Atwater