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Netflix Renews ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ for Another Season

MST3K is sticking around at Netflix for at least another season. The renewal for the series, which was brought back thanks to Joel Hodgson's Kickstarter campaign launched back in 2015, was made official during the MST3K Turkey Day marathon on [...]

By Megh Wright

The Stars of Netflix’s ‘MST3K’ Are Going on Tour This Summer

MST3K might be coming to a city near you this summer. Today MST3K's Watch Out for Snakes! tour was announced, which will be headed up by Joel Hodgson and Jonah Ray and runs from early July through mid-August and makes stops in Boston, New York, [...]

By Megh Wright

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Local TV Origins

Guys, there’s so much TV now. There are a million channels, with new ones launching constantly, and then tons of streaming platforms, with new ones launching constantly, and they all need content. Hundreds and hundreds of new TV shows being [...]

By Ramsey Ess

The ‘MST3K’ Revival Premieres on Netflix in April

Netflix has revealed the premiere date for its MST3K revival. The new 14-episode season will officially debut on the streaming network on Friday, April 14th. Netflix also released the first photo of the full cast along with the announcement, [...]

By Megh Wright

The ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Revival Is Heading to Netflix

The MST3K revival has found a home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joel Hodgson's Kickstarter-funded revival is headed to Netflix with 14 new episodes. The series will include new and returning cast members Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett, [...]

By Megh Wright

Patton Oswalt to Play TV’s Son of TV’s Frank on ‘MST3K’

Not long after revealing new Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Baron Vaughn, and Hampton Yount, Joel Hodgson announced on the MST3K Kickstarter page today that he's added the new evil henchman to the reboot: [...]

By Megh Wright