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John C. McGinley Finds Pleasure in the Pain of ‘Stan Against Evil’

In nearly all of his roles, John C. McGinley seems deadly serious. From Platoon to Office Space to his most famous character, Dr. Cox on Scrubs, McGinley may need to play the no-nonsense type. The “you’re fired” type. The “don’t F with me” [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

MTV Spills Liquid Television

MTV has unlocked an archive of material from Liquid Television, its late-night animation showcase from the early 90's. The archive includes the original Office Space short as well as Frog Baseball, the first appearance of Beavis and Butt-head. [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Office Space: The Musical

I'm pretty sure this is just a web video of what an Office Space musical would be like rather than a clip from the audience of an actual Office Space musical, but really, would it be so crazy? If The Addams Family and Spamalot can be hit [...]

By Adam Frucci