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8 Books You Need to Read This April

Each month, Boris Kachka offers nonfiction and fiction book recommendations, and you should read as many of them as possible.

By Boris Kachka

21st Century Orson Welles (1985-2013), by Joel Straley

On the timeline of an alternate Universe much like our own, Orson Welles did not die on October 10, 1985, but was in fact born for the first time. After a suburban childhood, Welles left to travel Europe. His father’s death left him an [...]

By Brian Boone

Orson Welles: An Object of Fun

DISCARD ORSON WELLES reads my copy of Joseph McBride's Orson Welles. It's an ex-library copy, and the librarian, in her zeal to decommission the book, stamped a red DISCARD no fewer than five times. On a photo of a stern Welles DISCARD bleeds [...]

By Josh Lieberman

I Am the Orson Welles of Powerpoint

Today on McSweeneys, I Am the Orson Welles of Powerpoint: "No two of my PowerPoints are the same. While I have yet to craft my Citizen Kane, I consider the PowerPoint I gave at the conference in Atlanta last year to be my Taxi Driver. The [...]

By Adam Frucci