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Nashville Recap: Family Ties

Oh, that Liam — he tends to bring out the rock-star-on-a-bender side of our girl Rayna.

By Max Weiss

Modern Family Recap: Bixby Forever

Valentine’s Day Eve and we open on Phil Dunphy’s alter ego — turtleneck aficionado and human Wikipedia of pickup lines.

By Zach Dionne

The Following Recap: Magnets!

Carroll keeps telling Hardy that he’s just getting started, but the show’s premise seems already to be running out of steam.

By Starlee Kine

Downton Abbey Recap: The Thomas Affair

This episode finally allowed some beams of hopeful sunshine to stream through the bleakness that has characterized much of season three.

By Jen Chaney

The Americans Recap: Umbrellas and Caviar

After last week’s pilot, you might have worried that The Americans would bend over backward to make its characters as “likable” as possible. Nope!

By Matt Zoller Seitz