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Glee Recap: New Faces, Old Slushies

It's a new Glee this season, as the producers and cast spent all summer warning us — a show that's been spun off into itself.

By Lauren Hoffman

Doctor Who Recap: Child’s Play

In this digital age of creating dinosaurs with ease, it’s almost amazing that it’s taken Doctor Who seven seasons to get around to doing it.

By Ross Ruediger

Louie Recap: The Proposal

The first entry of a three-part arc begins with something we usually see in other, more predictable shows: the setup episode.

By Zach Dionne

True Blood Recap: Lilith Fair

In this season's penultimate episode, we finally got an intervention on behalf of the U.S. government.

By Julieanne Smolinski

Breaking Bad Recap: Everybody Wins

After one of the loudest, most visually spectacular Breaking Bad episodes comes one of the quietest.

By Matt Zoller Seitz