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Giving Perfect Couples a Fair Chance

I’m just going to come out and say it: I don’t hate Perfect Couples. I’m basically the only one, and soon, that “don’t” will change to the past tense. On April 7, NBC will air the final episode of the show, leaving two unaired episodes to [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Perfect Couples Is Dead

So long, Perfect Couples, we barely knew ye. NBC has decided to pull the struggling show from the air with two episodes left unaired. But what of Olivia Munn, official representative of all women working in comedy? At least she still has a job [...]

By Adam Frucci

Is Perfect Couples Doomed Already?

It's only been on for three weeks, but could rookie NBC comedy Perfect Couples be dead in the water already? The gang at TV by the Numbers seems to think so, saying that its 18% plunge in the ratings last week pretty much guarantees that it [...]

By Adam Frucci

NBC’s Thursday Night Ratings Hang On For Dear Life

It's kind of weird that tracking NBC's Thursday night ratings feels like checking the lifeline of good comedy on TV, right? Like, if Parks and Rec and Community suddenly tank and get cancelled, it would really be a terrible sign for great, [...]

By Adam Frucci

Perfect Couples Recap: ‘Three Proposals’

Well, we sure learned a lot about each other week! After the premiere episode of Perfect Couples, I complained that the plot moved along so fast that I barely had any idea of who anybody was or what the hell was going on. This week’s episode [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

First Night of NBC’s Three-Hour Comedy Block a Success, Ratings-Wise

Looks like NBC's grand six-show comedy block experiment may be a success, at least when compared to it's earlier Jay-Leno-at-10pm experiment/disaster. The ratings for the night as a whole were strong, with Community improving its ratings by 16% [...]

By Adam Frucci

Perfect Couples Recap: ‘Pilot’

Midseason, you guys! Where networks trot out their new shows and quietly dispose of underperforming ones like a veterinarian disappearing injured pets in the dead of night. The strange wisdom of shelving burgeoning hit Parks and Recreation to [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

NBC’s Newest Comedy, Perfect Couples, Gets a Sneak Peek Tonight

When NBC expands its Thursday night lineup to three hours starting on January 20th, the one brand-new show will be Perfect Couples. It stars some people you probably at least sort of recognize from elsewhere, such as Mary Elizabeth Ellis [...]

By Adam Frucci

NBC Could Be Expanding Its Thursday Night Comedy Block to Three Hours

It's been an open question since NBC picked up Outsourced for a full season: where the hell were they going to put Parks and Recreation? Would they stick it in a new night, paired with untested new shows and away from the traditional Thursday [...]

By Adam Frucci