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Traffic Light Recap: Welcome To The Spider Hole

The nice thing about a new show is that whatever else happens, you can usually count on the pilot to represent some weird alternate netherworld unrelated to the rest of the show, typically shot months prior the rest of the season. This comes as [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Glee Recap: Never Say Never

Remember last week’s episode of 'Glee'? Yeah, those sure were the days.

By Rebecca Milzoff

Episodes Recap: ‘Episode Six’

Infidelity! Car Wrecks! Break-Ups! Deception! All seen in last nights episode of Episodes. Combining genres is a tricky business. And it’s particularly difficult with comedies. Shameless, Parenthood and Nurse Jackie combine comedy and drama [...]

By Joey Slamon

SNL Recap: Just the Right Amount of Russell Brand

While the success of any SNL episode depends, to some degree, on how you feel about the host, it’s particularly true when the host is a stand-up comedian. Because the host is more likely to participate in the actual writing of sketches [...]

By Erik Voss

Eagleheart Recap: ‘Creeps’

“What do you say we go hang around the ladies’ changing rooms at the TJ Maxx for a while and then go to the morgue?”

By Bradford Evans

The Office Recap: ‘PDA’

"I don't sit on your lap because it's comfortable, it's because I like the way your thighs feel on my butt."

By Megh Wright

Community Recap: ‘Early 21st Century Romanticism’

I’m constantly praising the marriage of Phil and Claire in my Modern Family recaps, so it’s only fair that I also mention what might be television’s strongest relationship: Troy and Abed. Mariah the Librarian had it right; they are adorable, [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Parks and Rec Recap: ‘Ron and Tammy Part II’

Sequels are dangerous business, especially in comedy. They tend to serve as hollow rehashes that fail to capture the magic of their predecessors. I was worried that last night’s “Ron and Tammy: Part Two” would turn out to be a repetitive, [...]

By Bradford Evans

Community Recap: Humorous Fannies

What made “Early 21st Century Romanticism” a great, gimmick-free episode of Community? Jokes.

By Andy Greenwald

30 Rock Recap: ‘Double-Edged Sword’

Alright 30 Rock Nation, keep your loved ones close at hand, because we are officially in the weeds here. Liz and Jack are bickering with their significant others, the main threads of the episode are given over to making fun of Canada and air [...]

By Matt Fisher

30 Rock Recap: Take Off

Just as Canadians have become indispensable to modern comedy, so have jokes about Canadians. And '30 Rock' is a master of the art form.

By Steve Kandell