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Rescue Me: Hugging It Out

One more episode, and the crew members, squirm-inducingly enough, must get in touch with their sensitive sides.

By Rebecca Milzoff

Rescue Me: Demon Spawn

The episode has us thinking about what Iceman tells Maverick in 'Top Gun.'

By Rebecca Milzoff

Rescue Me: Chip Off the Old Block

It’s the one-year anniversary of Tommy’s sobriety, so why do we feel like doomsday is around the corner?

By Rebecca Milzoff

Rescue Me: Oh, Sheila

Her "psychodramaturgy" seems, all of a sudden, to have worked wonders.

By Rebecca Milzoff

Denis Leary Lets the Help Down Gently

"It's hard enough to deal with the actors when I'm acting with them." —Denis Leary, on why he didn't tell Rescue Me star Jerry Reilly of his character's pending demise [TV Guide]