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What It’s Like to Write For a Late Night Talk Show

Comedy is an industry. For every performer on stage, there are hundreds of people working behind-the-scenes. These creative and business jobs, which exist in all disciplines and levels of comedy, collectively make up the comedy scene. In this [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Why I Am Leaving the Human Centipede by Lindsay, by Rob Kutner

TODAY is my last day in the Human Centipede. After almost 12 hours in the project, first in the front, then in the middle – I believe I have helped form it long enough to understand the trajectory of its poop. And I can honestly say that that [...]

By Becca O'Neal and Editor

Rise of the Apes: Humanity’s Best Hope, by Rob Kutner

“There are... scientists raising alarm about the possibility of a real-life plot line that mirrors [Rise of the Planet of the Apes]... that the medical research which creates ‘humanised’ animals is going to generate ‘monsters.’”

By Becca O'Neal and Editor

Rob Kutner’s New Humor Kindle Single Is Impuse-Buy-Worthy at $1

Conan writer Rob Kutner has just released a new Kindle single called The Future According To Me, a short book comprised of "35 tiny-to-moderate-length comic scenarios of what our future might look like — touching on everything from [...]

By Adam Frucci

Survive the Rapture with Help From Conan Writer Rob Kutner

With the rapture happening tomorrow, there's still time to prep for what I am sure will be something that will actually happen. Conan writer (and former Daily Show writer) Rob Kutner is here to help with his book Apocalypse How. Above, he [...]

By Adam Frucci