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These Twenty Seconds of Rob Will Make You Bleed From the Ears

Rob may have lost its upside-down exclamation point, but it hasn't lost its feisty Spanish-inflected spirit! Because people of different ethnicities speak with different inflections. In case you didn't get the joke in this promo. The show [...]

By Hallie Cantor

CBS Gives in and Changes ¡Rob! to Rob

Everyone breathe out. CBS has given in to popular demand and common sense and changed the title of Rob Schneider's new show from ¡Rob! to Rob. ¡Thank god!

By Hallie Cantor

Trade Roundup: ¡Rob!, Chelsea Handler

- Rob Schneider's midseason sitcom has been given an inverted exclamation point and a start date. ¡Rob! will premiere on January 12. Lord help us, every one.

By Hallie Cantor