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The Complete Guide to Everything: Board Games

This week, Tim and Tom tackle the riveting topic of board games, which contrary to popular belief are not games you play when you're bored, but rather games that you play with a board. We discuss Tom's secret to Trivial Pursuit success, the [...]

By Splitsider Editors

Left Handed Radio: ‘A Week of Afternoons’

On this episode: C100 is having a contest blow-out summer, Groundr coffee shops have a premium service, Blendy's Southern Style menu, Boots dials 911 again, a retirement commercial for Baby Boomers, two members of Heaven's Gate decide they [...]

By Left Handed Radio

Rob Delaney Talks About Being Rob Delaney and Says ‘Cop’ 80 Times

This is your chance to watch Rob "Some Have Termed, King of Twitter" Delaney take one of his 140-character comedy bombs and explain exactly what he was thinking to such detail that the Tweet is hardly funny anymore. He also takes a giant bite [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Michael Showalter’s Favorite Sandwiches From Across America

Michael Showalter was nice enough to write a piece about his favorite sandwiches across America for Paper magazine. If you're curious about whether or not it's a serious list or not, I'll just say that number three is The Anchorage Alaska Whale [...]

By Adam Frucci

Exclusive: Jackman to Eat Sandwich

Hugh Jackman has not yet eaten Carnegie Deli's Wolverine sandwich, which was created last week in his honor — but he intends to.

By Lane Brown

Jackman Honored With Sandwich

"The Wolverine" will feature pastrami, corned beef, salami, brisket, tongue, and American cheese.

By Lane Brown