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Inside ‘The [206]’, the Most Popular Local TV Comedy in America

The seeds of the most popular local TV comedy in the country were planted 25 years ago, outside a Seattle restaurant when two strangers walked up to Chris Cashman’s dad, Pat, and thanked him for his work on Almost Live, a local sketch comedy [...]

By Oliver Morrison

Finding the Laughs at Bumbershoot 2012

When Labor Day weekend rolls around, downtown Seattle is overtaken by the country’s largest urban arts festival. Celebrating its 42nd year at the Seattle Center, Bumbershoot is a proudly eclectic event in every way. This year, the headlining [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Patton Oswalt’s Favorite Non-Performance Performance

"I knew how amazing Seattle audiences could be, but at a music festival as friendly, ambling, and all over good-vibey as Bumbershoot? They were an opium addict's vision of the perfect crowd, a "What if comedy were this fucking fun?" ideal, [...]

By Adam Frucci