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The Other Belushi Biographer Breaks Down ‘Wired’

Journalist Bob Woodward's journalistic tactics were called into question a couple weeks ago over a dispute with the White House, and Tanner Colby has taken this as an opportunity to analyze Woodward's reviled 1984 John Belushi biography Wired [...]

By Bradford Evans

Maria Bamford Tries to Find the Humor in Mental Illness

"Yeah. I have a joke about how people don’t talk about mental illness the way they do other regular illnesses. 'Well, apparently Jeff has cancer. Uh, I have cancer. We all have cancer. You go to chemotherapy you get it taken care of, am I [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Politics of Parks And Rec

Over at Slate, Juliet Lapidos takes a look at the politics of Parks And Rec which she characterizes as the "abstract vs. personal take on liberals and conservatives." Lapidos cites Leslie's tyrannical near-breakdown during the office [...]

By Halle Kiefer

We React to Slate's ‘24’ Parody in Real Time

Slate magazine — a top source of witty satire for, well, no one, hopefully — debuted an animated parody of 24 today, inspired by recent remarks made by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.