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Watch Steve Martin Make Fun of David Letterman for 15 Minutes

Here's Steve Martin's appearance on Letterman from Friday night, which he mostly spends busting Letterman's balls about his frequent anniversaries and his taste in suits. It's always fun to watch these two talk to each other.

By Bradford Evans

Steve Martin Is Getting an Honorary Oscar

Steve Martin is finally getting an Academy Award. Martin, who has hosted the Oscars three times (most recently in 2010 with Alec Baldwin), will be the recipient of an honorary governor's award, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog Play ‘Dueling Banjos’

Funny or Die continues to trot out the big guns for its fancy new redesign. Here's comedy's two most famous banjo players, Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog, playing "Dueling Banjos." Both of their entire comedy/banjo careers have been building [...]

By Bradford Evans

Paul Feig Discusses How Steve Martin Influenced Him

"Steve Martin was the No. 1 comic I tried to emulate. To this day, I wear three-piece suits all the time because of him. I got the Let’s Get Small album right when it first came out and did the routines for my classmates, but not telling them [...]

By Bradford Evans

Steve Martin Took a Long Walk to the Jimmy Fallon Set Last Night

On his guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, Steve Martin took his time to walk on stage and even got a little lost in this "little skit," as David Letterman calls it (in the skit). Try to find anything half as fun as [...]

By Bradford Evans

(Sarcastically) Exciting News: Hollywood to Remake a Body Swap Movie

1984's All of Me was a very a good body-switching movie or, well, body-semi-switching movie. Lily Tomlin's character plans on a full swap but somehow ends up sharing Steve Martin's body with Steve. 'Twas a Steve Martin tour de funny. And now, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘Steve Martin: The Television Stuff’

Well, this looks awesome: Steve Martin: The Television Stuff is a new DVD set being released on September 18th that gathers up a whole boatload of rare early TV appearances by the snow fox himself. It's three discs worth of material (over six [...]

By Adam Frucci

Let’s All Move to Steve Martin Park

This parks has everything: underaged drinking, giant Ziploc bags of pot, slightly broken handguns, rock n' roll concerts, and freaking Steve Martin in a nice khaki suit. It doesn't have blue dots, however. For that you'll have to head to that [...]

By Jesse David Fox