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A Funny Thing: Pat Baer Fights Wolves, Finds Love

Our story this week: Pat Baer, creeped out by an awkward drug party around an unfamiliar campfire, escapes into the forest along with the beautiful, straight-edge subject of his unspoken desire. But if there's one thing that history teaches us, [...]

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A Funny Thing: Ophira Eisenberg Scrapes the Bottom of the Sex Barrel

Our story this week: Fresh off bombing her stand up set, Ophira Eisenberg was desperate to turn a bad night into a good one. How to do it? By sleeping with the weird, sad headliner, of course. The guy "who's entire wardrobe came from a t-shirt [...]

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A Funny Thing #31: A Stupendous Job with Adam Wade

Adam Wade was young man, a fragile asthmatic, unprepared for the rigors of band. He needed a place in the world. Until that is, a kindly, but slow, gym teacher took Adam under his verbose wing and they began their master-blaster-like symbiosis. [...]

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A Funny Thing #30: Tumbleweave with Nicole Byer

This week, Nicole Byer sidles up to the Genius Bar and walks away with a plate full of hot mess. A whole bottle of Georgi, a tight weave, and an unjustified night of living it up beyond the velvet rope results in the only thing it should, a [...]

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A Funny Thing #29: The Period Piece with Halle Kiefer

This week, Halle Kiefer yearns for the day when everyone wore a shirt around their waist. A blowout on the L train sends Halle down the crimson gutters of memory lane where she must face the unapproving, capricious whims of Mavis Beacon, the [...]

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