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When God and Comedy Meet: Stephen Colbert on Christianity

When he was a young actor in Chicago, Stephen Colbert stood offstage waiting for his scene. He nervously watched an actor perform the bit he was supposed to do next: Tossing a Ritz Cracker into his mouth and calling it "The Body of Christ." [...]

By Marisa Carroll

Stephen Colbert: Laughing with, Not at, Religion

"The brilliance of The Colbert Report is its refusal to dismiss or denigrate the religion with jokes that equate faith with idiocy or churchgoing with bovine surrender. Instead Colbert attempts to extricate what he sees as the essential message [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Aren’t Going Anywhere

Because Comedy Central isn't totally dumb or mean they've extended the contracts of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Colbert is now good through the end of 2014 and Stewart is set through the middle of 2015. By 2015, Stewart will have had his [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Colbert Is Happy to Depress Hamsters

Hamsters think they're sooooo cool. Sure, hamsters, you have "ham" in your name and your eyes are so beady that they look like some deity actually placed two identical beads on your face but that doesn't make you cool. Yeah, one hamster was [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Man Behind Colbert’s Props

From a giant giant cup of soda to a ham with glasses on it, somebody has to make all the props on The Colbert Report and that somebody is Brendan Hurley. Martha Stewart's Living has very interesting interview with him about how he has helped [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Kermit the Frog Joins the Colbert Nation

Colbert's discussion of the Republican primary in the South would be incomplete without a visit from his new "Chief Swampland Political Analyst," Kermit the Frog. Kermie protests at first, citing the facts that he is a non-partisan [...]

By Hallie Cantor