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The Hangover Cure

After a sudden and not entirely welcome rise to fame, the comedian has found his place with the deliciously absurd quasi-sitcom Baskets.

By David Marchese

The Sketch Group WOMEN Made the Perfect ‘Hangover’ Sequel

Just a few days after Barack Obama ragged on the Hangover sequels on Between Two Ferns, here's a new video from LA-based sketch group WOMEN (made up of Pat Bishop, Dave Ross, Jake Weisman, and Allen Strickland Williams) called "The Hangover [...]

By Bradford Evans

Review Roundup: Critics Like ‘Hangover III’ Less than the First Two

The third and – as the posters promise – final installment in the The Hangover franchise was released to theaters today, and the reviews have been pretty harsh. As of this writing, the movie has a 25% rating on RottenTomatoes and a 32/100 on [...]

By Bradford Evans

Jack Black, Paul Rudd, and Others Passed on ‘The Hangover’

The Hollywood Reporter has an oral history of The Hangover movies out today, and, in it, director Todd Phillips reveals some actors who were almost cast in the movie. Before any actors were hired, Paul Rudd and Jack Black both passed on the [...]

By Bradford Evans

Here’s the Trailer for ‘The Hangover III’

This is the brand-new teaser trailer for The Hangover Part III, which stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Justin Bartha, Heather Graham, John Goodman, and Melissa McCarthy. The movie comes out May 24th and will feature [...]

By Bradford Evans

The Legitimate Documentary that Came Out ‘The Hangover’

Awash in the excesses of Las Vegas during the economic crisis, Joseph Garner was working on The Hangover as the assistant to director Todd Phillips. It was there he thought to do the above documentary. Also, it was there he met Zach [...]

By Jesse David Fox